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About Us was created to help others find available rentals and deals as a result of my personal situation.  My brother-in-law and his wife and family were coming home for the first visit in years as he was a deployed Marine and their kids were in school.  They looked for rental cars at the airport and found very few available and at what was available were at ridiculous prices. They booked one because that is all they could find. I had always had a knack for finding great prices on rental cars and was used by the family as a DeFacto car rental agent so they asked me to see what I could find. I could not find a better deal at the large rental companies or any of the online companies that resell rentals at a discount. I was able to save them over $800 dollars for the week!  I had discovered the best secret in rental cars!  Dealerships that rent vehicles.  The prices don't go up with demand and you get great cars that the dealerships service and sell. Since then, I have been working to find a way to bring the opportunity to save money to all and have created to do just that.  Check it out you too can benefit from this under the radar way to rent cars and trucks at a fraction of what the large rental companies charge.

Vacation travel, Business travel, Car Repair Replacement, or simply want to try out a new vehicle before you buy, has the car, truck, SUV or minivan for you.  Search for Dealerships by location using the search key or map. is the rental platform for Car Dealerships. We partner with Dealerships around the globe to offer the best and newest vehicles for you to rent. Our Dealership Partner Location list is constantly growing. Please check our listings often they are rapidly expanding. provides everyday low rates, friendly customer service from Dealerships you know and trust and gets you on the road with a safe secure vehicle to fit your needs. Choose your location, vehicle type and make your reservation today!